Monday, January 9, 2017

What features does your ideal laundry area need?

Laundry Room 
Consider the following if you are planning on changes in your laundry area

Located on main floor
Wide doorway
Easy walk space in and out of room
        and in front of appliances
Front loading washer on a pedestal
Front loading dryer on a pedestal
Easy to read button controls on front of appliances
        (Think vision impaired & easy to reach when seated)
Cabinets with D or bar handles
Adjustable or varied height counters
Contrasting edges on counter tops
Adjustable, open shelving without doors
Wall mounted sink(s)
Pull out drying rack
Rod for hangers (can use tension rod inside a shelf)
Rod to hang clothing to air dry
Rod or hook to hang clothing to take to dry cleaner
Plenty of lighting
Non-slip flooring surface
Supplies reachable from seated position
Wall mounted, adjustable ironing board
Rolling hamper(s)
Folding clothing basket or hamper
Small cart or rolling table to help transfer clean clothing
Adjustable height surface on which to fold clothing
Posted washing instructions for operation of appliances,  
        & stain treatments
Container for items left in pockets
Lint removal tool
Trash can
Container for donation items
Small basic sewing kit (buttons, hems, seams)

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