Friday, May 15, 2020

Finding solutions when the "me time" is diminished.

I am cooking a lot.

With the stay at home orders, I find that I am cooking a lot. However, it really isn't the cooking that I mind, it's the cleanup. When I was only cooking once or twice a day, I had help with the cleanup. Now it is a challenge to get the dishwasher rolled to and from the hookup area. Hubby has more muscle mass, and it is easier for him to move the washer.

I solve the problem by starting to handwash more, thus alleviating the need for the dishwasher at all. It is still here, I am not using it. Unfortunately, this creates a different problem. I use bleach in my dishwashing water. I have now ruined about six blouses with bleach water splash. To solve the problem, I started wearing a commercial dishwashing apron. This works wonderfully.

Staying home with the same person or people all the time is sometimes challenging. Some habits must change for all the parties involved to live in harmony.

We have a hug and kiss moment for absolutely no reason, except we want to hug and kiss each other. Either one of us will state, "I need a hug;" then, we will stand, embrace, and give each other a kiss. Therefore, this staying at home edit has increased our together moments.

We help each other do the other's tasks more readily because it gives each of us something different to do.  Now, if I could just get hubby to quit tickling me because it is a fun thing for him to do.

Hubby gets on the computer for three to four hours before I get up and cook each morning. Sometimes I read, and sometimes I sleep. I am reading a lot of free ARC ebooks and writing book reviews. We have started doing maintenance chores around the house as the weather warms. Sometimes together and sometimes apart.

All of the above to say, our forced time together has strengthened our bonds with each other.

So, where do you spend your "me time?" What new thing are you doing with others?.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

How to corral children's artwork

Ideas for Exploding Crayola Factory Artwork

Which one of these ideas will you try?

v  Use a Clothesline/thick fishing line and pegs/paper clips to hang pictures. 
§  You can zig-zag across an area or do straight lines, and hang pictures. 

v  Make a border around the top of a room using the artwork.

v  Or scan the pictures and do a slide show. 
§  Get the artist to autograph and date the pictures.
§  Take pictures of any 3-d art and add to slide show. 
§  Use one spot in each child's room to display the
¨      3-dimensional  art project. 
§  New art replaces existing art for display. 
§  The parts of the old project go into a bin for recycling.
¨      A container for outside the home pickup recycling
¨      A container for inside the home, for more in-home art projects.

v  Make a deep frame using a cereal box for each child, 
§  display the latest art at the front.  
v  Let the kids decorate the cereal boxes.
§  (You may even have some gift boxes that you can use.)

v  Put artwork under glass tabletop for display.

v  For a large bulletin board art display,  you will need push pins.

v  Affix flat art to roll up window shade.
§  The amount of art is limited to space on the shade's surface.

v  A folding room divider can hold art on both sides.

v  Display art on the inside of the bedroom closet doors. 

v  Limit art to art on a cardboard "science fair " display holder.
§  The most prized art is to be displayed center front.

v  Make a shadowbox frame for picture display. 
§  Use a document frame from Dollar Store for the glass that fits the box.

Which one will you try?

Friday, February 28, 2020

Paperwork can become a mountain

I used to use the accordion file method to organize paperwork, and that worked until our medical files grew too big. Now I use a two drawer file cabinet with hanging files.
I find a drawer system works better for me because I hate moving boxes and removing lids to get to the file storage solution.
I even have a hanging file in the cabinet for incoming mail that hasn’t been dealt with yet. Meaning, I haven’t paid it or entered it into my checkbook.
Each utility has a file folder.
There is a file marked house for any repairs or significant home purchases.
Each bank service (credit card, savings, regular statement, loan) has a file. The newest statement goes in front of the preceding month.
I have a file for incoming store receipts until I check the monthly statements.
You might want to consider reducing the amount of paper coming into your home. Getting off subscription lists will help too.
Catalogs can be accessed online. There is no need for paper copies.
Finally, for all those begging letters, have your name removed from the contact lists.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Household Chore Misconceptions

Here are ten misconceptions about household chores,
especially if you do not live alone.
1. Household chores are women’s work.
2. You get done with household chores.
3. Household chores are not everyone’s responsibility.
4. You can get caught up on chores.
5. Do the chores today, and you won’t have to do them tomorrow.
6. Children are too young to learn how to do chores.
7. There is only one “right” way to do a chore.
8. You don’t have to keep on top of chores.
9. You can do the chore as well as your partner does it.
10. Leave the house to run a quick errand, and the house will remain clean and chore-free until you get back.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Creating Your Forever Home

I now have the eBook and a Word printable version of Creating Your Forever Home completed.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Most people cannot afford

There are a lot of financial answers on what most people cannot afford. However, I am going to give a different perspective on what most people can’t afford.
You cannot afford not knowing the necessary life skills.
You cannot afford
  • having a wicked moral compass
  • being a lousy partner in a relationship
  • being a bad parent
  • being selfish
  • burning bridges with family and friends
  • not exercising
  • not eating right
  • not getting a high school diploma
  • not learning first aid
  • not learning how to create a budget
  • not learning how to sew on a button, repair a tear, hem something, sew a seam
  • misbehaving in public
  • not learning common courtesy
  • not knowing how to plan meals and cook them
  • not knowing how to wash clothing and linens
  • not knowing how to have good personal hygiene
  • getting into trouble with the law
  • not knowing how to clean rooms in a house or apartment
  • not knowing how to create a budget and stick to it

Small organization with things you own

If you don’t find the organizational solution that you need in this list, then Google “home organization hacks.”
  • Clear, clean jars
  • Empty cereal boxes
  • Empty Kleenex boxes
  • Zip ties
  • Dollar store gift bags
  • Dollar store shopping
  • Shoe boxes
  • Empty coffee cans
  • Milk crates
  • Cookie tins
  • Shelving
  • Plastic food dishes-with or without lids
  • Egg cartons
  • Spoon or office drawer organizers
  • Bulletin boards
  • Coat hangers and sewn bottom tee shirts
  • Coat hangers and shower curtain rings
  • Handbags
  • Baskets
  • Rolling suitcases
  • Stacked suitcases
  • Pillowcases
  • Pillow covers
  • Pillow shams