Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Basic Emergency Sewing Kit

I've a lot of sewing supplies. However, for most people a basic emergency sewing kit will do to fix seam rips, repair hems, or secure buttons.

Sewing Needles
Needle threader
Blunt Nose scissors
Safety pins
Straight pins
Tape measure
Small spools of thread of favorite color clothing such as
black, white, navy, red, red, yellow, green, pink, etc.
Some regular size shirt buttons

You can get a small kit with simple basics at the Dollar Store for only $1.00 plus tax.

To this kit I'd add
Black and white button thread
Self threading Sewing needles
Some small squares of patch or backing material

Note that dental floss and a sewing needle can be used to make an emergency repair in a pinch.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Basic Tools, What's in Your Toolbox?

Well my tool box started kind of simple.
Hammer, multiple head screwdriver with storage for heads, grandma's hammer (tack), adjustable wrench.

Since then the contents have grown to include the following items.

Safety glasses
Ear plugs
Assorted flashlights and stands

Tack hammer
Claw hammer

Multiple head screwdriver with some of those odd type heads
Magnetic screwdriver set (Phillips, flat)
Electric drill with various drill bits and screwdriver assorted heads

Utility knife
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
Metal tape measure
Locking pliers
Regular pliers
Adjustable wrench
Note paper
Hand saw
Miter box
Zip ties

Putty knife
Tape: Duct, electrical, Painters, teflon, paper
Wood glue
Various clamps
Collection of screws & nails
Collection of picture hangers, cup and "S" hooks
Sand paper

A rolling tool box (since it"s now too heavy to carry)
A 3 prong extension cord for the power tools

The availability of
Tarps or plastic or paper
Step stools
WD 40
Bungie cords
Shop Vac
Various other power tools
Various nuts, bolts, screws