Thursday, January 16, 2020

Apartment Therapy Interview 7 Experts

Combining interviews from organizational experts is a great service to everyone.

We have differing organizational styles and needs.

The fact that the ideas presented are neither new nor clever is a plus. The endurance of tried and true methods speaks to their success.

An added observation, you should purge excess or unnecessary items before purchasing additional organizational supplies to contain or display your items.

You are probably already using some of the following systems. Great job!

7 Experts Share Their Favorite Products for Getting Organized, by ADRIENNE BREAUX

Fay Wolf
 of New Order recommends organizational products with this advice, “Any product that truly makes your life easier is a great one.”
Her go-to ideas include
  • Go vertical using under-shelves and stacking shelves
  • Make your own drawer dividers from the supplies that you have on hand
  • Use containers to segregate projects
  • Use wall hooks to maximize wall space storage

Vaishali Sahni of Tiny and Tidy  recommends, “Whenever possible, try to use clear storage containers when storing items in your home.”
·         Mason Jars
·         OXO containers
·         Acrylic organizers
·         Clear plastic containers
·         Rubbermaid containers


Janet Taylor of  favorite organizing products

  • Magazine boxes
  • Baskets

Melanie Gnau of A Small Life 
  • Simple jars

Professional organizer Jen Robin of Life In Jeneral has three favorite items for organizing
  • Drawer organizers
  • Divided lazy susans
  • Velvet Hangers

Claire DeBoer, professional declutterer and home organizer of  says, “My favorite organizing supplies are anything you already have!”
  • Baskets
  • Shoe boxes
  • Glass jars
  • Canvas totes

Kristen Ziegler of Minima 

·         Elfa system from the container store

Did you find a new idea? Go with it!

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